FHM The last ever issue featured Billy Franks

FHM last ever issue Billy Franks British beef jerky

We were recently asked to provide some samples for a photo soot the FHM were doing for a new issue. I was very excited as FHM was something I have always read when I was growing up, throughout my late teens 20’s. However the very next day and a press release was issued stating that FHM would cease publication for ever.

Luckily they saved the best till last and our jerky was shown in the very last ever edition of FHM, February 2016, 31 years since the first issue in 1985 (When I was still living in Texas eating my way through all the beef jerky I could find).

FHM last ever issue Billy Franks British beef jerky

“Billy Franks is bossing the British beef jerky game with a huge selection of drool-inducing flavours including Cheeseburger, Texan BBQ and, er, Holy Fuck. We’ll take them all.”

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